It’s Simpo Savior

Ndizihiwe Alain Jean Sauveur also known as Simpo Savior is a Pan-Africanist and Reggae singer from Rwanda (Central-East Africa). Besides being a singer, song writer and a state person, he’s also known to be a positive and flexible person.

As a Reggae artist, he sings about African History with messages especially meant to educate the young and new generation about Africa just as his idol late Thomas Sankara who regards as one of the greatest presidents and Pan-Africanist the African continent has had.

Simpo Savior holds an advanced secondary school certificate in BCM (Biology, Chemistry & Mathematics) and Bachelors of Law from University of Lay Adventist of Kigali which he completed in 2018 and has since been practicing different professionals but also writing songs.

He started singing while he was still in high school at Group Scolaire Saint Joseph Kabgayi in the Southern Province of Rwanda and released his first song in 2006 with three friends ie Lucky, Jacques and Isholive who is also his personal producer.

They formed a music group called UGM which stands for United Guys for Music. However, this group couldn’t continue singing together as they moved to different provinces to further their studies therefore making it hard to meet.

In 2009, Simpo Savior had his first solo performance at National University of Rwanda auditorium and also released his first single track in 2011 with support of Djuma Munyanshongore and Rinex one of greatest producers from Uganda a neighbouring country of Rwanda in the South.

In 2017, Simpo Savior tried to work with Isholive on a track called Turn Around which turned out a success and this pushed him to come back in music. Isholive ended up creating 4 more beats for Simpo Savior which were added on his first album called “Africa, Why do your profits go abroad?” The 4 beats are; Turn around, Amahanga arahanda, Never forget them and Africa we are the one.

Simpo Savior is currently working solo and is not signed in any agent or label.

Simpo Savior sees and takes all people as one regardless of their origin and beliefs. He respects and values the different diversities of this world.

He would like to extend his gratitude and much respect to Judah's key from Brindisi Italy as the first band that gave him an opportunity to work with him, Jamble all stars from France, Moldevik from Spain, Tuff we Tuff (Alessio) from Italy, Power record (Rinex) from Uganda, Isholive from Rwanda and if the things continue to go well, he wishes to work with Livity Record from France.