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Hello, It’s Simpo Savior

I am Ndizihiwe Alain Jean Sauveur pan africanist, reggae singer from Rwanda (central east Africa). I studied Maths, Biology and Chemistry in secondary school and law in university of Lay Adventist of Kigali.

After a while we stopped to sing together because we went in different province for studying. We were in UGM group united guys for music. My first performance was at school 2009 and my last one was at auditorium of NUR National University of Rwanda. Then stopped singing for longtime 8 years cause , I was coming back in music in 2019 for working on my first album of 12 songs in English, French and Kinyarwanda my mother tongue

I started to sing when I was in secondary school at Group scolaire Saint Joseph Kabgayi in south of Rwanda and release first song in 2006 with three guys Luck, Jacques and Isholive who is my personal producer too.

I released my first single track in 2011 with one of greatest producer in Uganda my neighbour country Rinex with support of Djuma Munyanshongore. In 2017 I tried to work with Isholive one track turn around which pushed me to come back in music because on my album (Africa, Why do your profits go abroad?) He created 4 beats. Turn around, Amahanga arahanda , never forget them and Africa, we are the one.

My purpose is to try to sing with positive message and telling to the new generation about African history

Am singer and song writer. Am so positive an flexible but am state person.

My Idol is Sankara Thomas one of greatest president and pan africanist in Africa my continent

To me I have any segregation or division between people (tribalism, racism, ...

Much respect to Judah's key from Brindisi Italy as the first band approached me , Jamble all stars from France , power record (Rinex) from Uganda.

Thank you brother hope is enough if something is missing let me know and add it

And am free , I don't have agent or label

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